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Users of the Internet are social creatures

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

We are all social creatures.  If we weren’t none of us would be plugged into this world wide web.  End of debate.

Search engine optimization is something i’ve noticed a few articles pop up about today.  Per usual people saying how to do it, or what works (for now).  I came across one particular article on that sums it up, plain and simple, “Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again.”  That idea is not my own, I can’t take credit for it.  Now this great straight-forward concept I will say isn’t just for Google and SEO, but it is great for creating social media.

I am going to take my current tasks explain them, explain how they fit into this simple recipe for social success, and make readers of this blog see how darn simple creating social content is.  I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan.  Right now they are playing the Buffalo Sabres.  I do not own cable TV.  However I am listening to the game, streamed via the Internet.  The simple process I went through to do this, Google “Detroit Red Wings”.  I clicked on their official site link.  I clicked go to site when offered a deal for tickets.  Then right on their first page I see I clicked on the Live On 97.1 FM link.

How the hell does this fit into the social content process?

Make Something Great: Stream your favorite sports team
Tell People About It: Professional sports teams have a rather large fanbase
Do It Again: Next Red Wings game I’ll probably be streaming too!

I’m also on the defacto social media network Facebook.

Make Something Great: Share a video or message with all your friend in your network
Tell People About It: Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter send out your updates to followers and friends
Do It Again: next time you feel like telling your friends what you are making for dinner, rest assured Facebook is listening.

We are social creatures, creatures of habit, and consume as well as create content in the Internet of today.  By continually making something great, sharing it with others, consuming, adapting and creating more content, you will not only engage those who view your content, you will grow the base of users from which view your content, and hopefully provoke reaction, interaction, and communication.

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Social media and brand strategy

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Since the rise of the Twitter beast I’ve seen countless companies jump on to Twitter and claim to have a “social media presence”.  Now Twitter is just one step and I can’t take anything away from these companies for making an effort, however Twitter is just one of several tools that companies can utilize to make a move to add social media to their overall brand strategy.

If I were to suggest to a company how to setup an online brand the three tools I would recommend would be Facebook, Twitter, and a blog.  Facebook is NOT just for the tweens, Twitter doesn’t seem to be lapsing after its 15 minutes of fame, and well blogs are here to stay.

Twitter is a perfect micro-blogging tool with built in search capability to keep an eye on your company in a global sense, also a great way to start and add to conversations that your company wants to be part of.   Also, Twitter is great for letting people know about new blog posts, or events coming up at your company.  Launch a new product or tool, make a tweet.  Make a new post on your blog, let your followers on Twitter and Facebook know.

Facebook.  Yes, that may make some people grimace.  The super social media behemoth isn’t just for high school and college kids anymore.  With the ability for companies to create custom pages to promote and gain fans, Facebook becomes a must-have for companies looking to make their mark in social media.  Once again these custom fan pages are a great place to keep fans up to date on your blog posts and the goings on at your company.  If your company has a web developer on staff or you work with a web agency, it may be beneficial to try to use a Facebook Application called Static FBML to create customized tabs on your fan page to really make it stand out from the crowd.

Your blog.  If you don’t have one, get one.  A company blog is the single best way to give your company a sounding booth.  If you just want to post about product updates or company events, that works.  If you have a member of your company who is a pundit or well known figure in your company’s field, let them have a voice.  A blog gives your company a voice.  In today’s internet, a company without a voice is silent.

If your company can correctly balance and use the three tools listed you should be able to start, influence, and be part of the global conversation.  Not only to these three tools help your company build a search engine presence but also helps to break down the wall between your company (your brand) and the consumer.

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Where have the days gone?

Monday, September 11th, 2006

So it’s been about a week since my last post.  Normally I would assume not much has gone by.  Well I’d usually say that because school has started up again so I’ve got to get back into the grind of it.  However despite having a full schedule of such fun classes as Accounting, and Writing in The Workplace, as well as a few others I have managed to work on a few extracurricular activites.

Last week I wrote a form application in C# that will simultaneously search all the US cities listed on the Craigslist frontpage for a given search term and criteria.  That’s proved to be quite a useful application.  I spent this past weekend doing a bit of freelance wordpress web design thanks to a few Craigslist posting I came across.  I think maybe I should brush up the resume to reflect the wordpress stuff I’ve been getting myself into?

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Feeds on Facebook

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Ok, so i’ve realized that i’m thoroughly upset with the addition of the mini-feed to the facebook layout.  Aside from the fact that it takes up a spot right near the center of the page, I don’t want it there.  I don’t want it period!  I never asked for this capability.

I make that comment because most news someone consumes on a feed is consumed because it is interesting or worth their time to look at.  While I do have a facebook account, and check it regularly, I don’t necessarily want the up to the minute details of my friend’s lives.

To be honest maybe I wouldn’t be so against this tool if it wasn’t right in the middle of the screen and maybe off to the side.  But for now, it makes me cringe.  Hopefully this foul taste which Facebook as just put in my mouth will go away, or maybe a great college networking site will be tarnished forever?

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