Feeds on Facebook

Ok, so i’ve realized that i’m thoroughly upset with the addition of the mini-feed to the facebook layout.  Aside from the fact that it takes up a spot right near the center of the page, I don’t want it there.  I don’t want it period!  I never asked for this capability.

I make that comment because most news someone consumes on a feed is consumed because it is interesting or worth their time to look at.  While I do have a facebook account, and check it regularly, I don’t necessarily want the up to the minute details of my friend’s lives.

To be honest maybe I wouldn’t be so against this tool if it wasn’t right in the middle of the screen and maybe off to the side.  But for now, it makes me cringe.  Hopefully this foul taste which Facebook as just put in my mouth will go away, or maybe a great college networking site will be tarnished forever?

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