Intel and the State of the UMPC

Now raise your hand if you were at least a slight bit apprehensive about the Ultra Mobile PC a little over a year ago when word of it first surfaced? Ok, if you don’t have your hand raised I think you may be lying. I’ll admit, for as much as I love the technology and the device, I was a bit skeptical. The new technology, along with the high price tag frightened me. So as of CeBit 2007 we have some great news. Steve over at UMPC Portal brings us the following news from Germany:

“Today, Intel announced that they will make a dedicated CPU / Chipset platform for the UMPC that, combined with advanced screen tech and low power radio components will get the average power of a UMPC down to SUB 4-Watt. The platform will be ready in 2008 and will mark the start of a massive push by Intel and its partners to bring not just 5 or 6 devices new devices to the market but tens of new devices.”

So what does this mean? This means many things, among others that the UMPC isn’t just a one hit wonder. With Intel putting a dedicated platform out there for the UMPC this is proof that the UMPC is something they believe in. Also Steve has shown us video of the Samsung Q1 Ultra running Vista and using Aero. For those of us who chanced the technology and are now the owners of one (or more… Hugo and Frank and Steve, I mean you!) UMPC models we have something that we know will be at least in part supported for a few more years. In terms of Microsoft, I think that we can look to our friends in Redmond for a few more pieces of UMPC software. Dare I say that the sky is the limit?

Intel giving the community a platform is like giving an artist a dedicated canvas. Now that we know people are supporting the hardware, the artists who create the software, the Origami Experience and other UMPC friendly tools, they can create to their heart’s desire. Couple that with the news of Vista running in prime form at CeBit on newer models, I’m thinking that sooner than later you will see software for the UMPC incorporating the Speech Recognition, and more “fun new features” that Vista gives us.

Bottom line, Intel’s news has me excited for the future of the UMPC.

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