UMPC — Lets say it together “Ultra Mobile Personal Computer”

I’ll preface this with, yes i’m back. I was teaching at a technology summer camp for the past month and a half and well its hard to keep up on things when working just about 14 hours a day nonstop. Mea Culpa.

Back to the issue at hand. What is a UMPC. Is it a mini-laptop?

I’ll say a mini laptop is such. I miniature laptop. NOT an ULTA MOBILE device.

Sony Picturebook (C1VN)



OQO model 02

My logic is simple. Laptops are mobile yes. Ultra Mobile is implying something more than mobile. Laptop are portable. A Mini laptop is small and portable. I haven’t fallen entirely out of the loop but I would like to challenge Steve, any of the GBM or JKonTheRun gangs to specify what makes UMPC’s special, but I’d beg to ponder the fact that their touch-screens, and full operating systems have a lot to do with it. Also within the UMPC “definition” if we must be so caught up in it, has also to do with the fact that they are full blown computers. Bjorn playing Quake, anyone? My opinions are that keyboards are sometimes a necessary evil. Yes i’ve got an organizer pack on my Q1b, but that’s because when in class i do a bit of typing. Cause and effect. What is it? I’d offer that a tiny laptop is not a UMPC. Size isn’t an issue…. (or its not the only issue… or….)

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9 Responses to UMPC — Lets say it together “Ultra Mobile Personal Computer”

  1. Richard says:

    were did you get something like that,it looks cool could you tell me a website that they sell them on.

  2. justin perry says:

    wow this is the perfect piece of technology if this is the start of mobile laptops cant wait to see what the future holds

  3. Tori Meredith says:

    Do they sell these?

    WHERE can i get one!!!????!!!!

  4. Manuel Valdez says:

    I would like to buy that mini laptop, but I need to know the price. I live in Guatemala City.

  5. carl says:

    i realy need a laptop like this because can just walk around with it.

  6. carl says:

    how much is it can it be free for me?

  7. kirsty says:

    wow that is the smallest laptop i hav eva seen how much is it and wer can u buy them from?

  8. Matt says:

    It’s available at and no it’s not free.

  9. maggie says:

    that is crazy. I’m gonna see how easter comes along. I think I can get lucky!

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