Perseverance and Ad Networks

My current situation has caused me to think quite a bit about how I earn my money. My lack of a job has caused me to really look at myself and consider the skills and tactics I’ve learned about making money online over the past year or so to help me keep level headed.

In the past few weeks I’ve sold off a few websites, and purchased a few domains. Given this chance and my current position, I’ve gone back and taken a second look at the ad networks I’m working with and have accounts for. Adsense has always been the one while I’ve favored. Adsense, for me at least, has performed at a level which seemed to be adequate for my sites. Recently while talking with friends I’ve figured out (yes maybe I’ll let myself be called dense or missing the obvious.) that I can use AdSense, AdBrite, and ValueClickMedia all in combination on a single site. On top of that AdBrite and VCM pay on impression count not just clicks.
This information has caused me to rethink and reconsider how I plan out my sites. Plan for content, plan for clicks, plan to get readers and therefore impressions? All are relevant to earning money. But creating content for the purpose of creating money is something I’ve learned will not work. The readers come for the content. They don’t go to your site to get you paid. I’ve learned I need to continue to become more educated, and learn to be paid myself.

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