Make Money Online, Sure!

Yes, making money online. It’s more of a statement than a question. Shortly after I lost my job I sold I’m glad to see someone making some use of the domain. I was quite interested in it at first, then simply became too busy. I’ve been at it for over a year now, and while making money online is not my only revenue source, it certainly helps. This isn’t a get rich quick book, but it is instead an eBook explaining the processes which I have used to consistently earn money.

Originally I was charging $10 for this eBook, but decided that I’d rather give it out for FREE to help my readers and to help grow my number of readers at this blog. So feel free to download the eBook, subscribe to the blog, and check back frequently. I’m always looking for more consistent and ways to earn money.

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Also feel free to leave reviews of the ebook in the comments. I’m interested in knowing what my readers have thought of it. Thank you!

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5 Responses to Make Money Online, Sure!

  1. Nomar says:

    I will be downloading it and see if there is something useful inside (i bet there is 🙂 )

    Thanks for sharing for free

  2. crumblepie says:

    Hi Matt, I totally agree with what you said about opting for cheap proxy hosting at first. I regret signing up for a big plan because it is costing me more than it is earning me now. Loved the e-book. It would have been a great makingmoneyonline101 guide for me during my early blogging days.

  3. Matt says:

    @ crumblepie, about the proxy hosting I made the same mistake you did. And the fact that you will lost money buying a huge proxy plan is just something that you learn with experience. It would be biased for me to say I wish that ebook was around when I was starting, but in an entirely honest world it took time, effort and money to get where I am now, and I’d have more to show for it if I knew how to avoid the pitfalls and knew what worked from the start.

  4. Hey!

    Thanks for sharing this information. I hope it will help me to make money at ease.

  5. I must say that overall I am really taken with this site.You obviously know what you are talking about as you write with passion. If only I had your writing ability I have bookmarked your website and look forward to additional updates.

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