The least important part of designing a WordPress Theme.

The least important  part of designing a WordPress Theme is the header.  There I’ve said it.  It is the least important part for three reasons:

– It is the first thing anyone will see on your site.  The header is also the thing that everyone sees on your site.
– Since designers know the header is the first thing everyone sees, they normally have preconceived ideas of how a header will look or fit in with the design.
– Because the header is first and foremost, that means you need to be spending all of your other time on the other parts of the site which should look as amazing as your preconceived header because a truly engaged reader should want to look at each part of your site, not just the content but the layout and design of the site that the content lives in.

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  1. Matt says:

    Looks like i need to tweak my theme to properly deal with bulleted lists. Sorry everyone!

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