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Memcache scares the hell out of me!

This is just more or less an update.  Note to self:  You suck as a blogger, get your act together.  I haven’t had an incoming link since 2007.  And well completely unrelated am unemployed.  Therefore I should have plenty of … Continue reading

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“Web Designers are the Construction Workers of the Online World”

A recent friend made that comparison over lunch the other day.  He made the comparison back 20 years ago you could always find a construction worker, everyone wanted homes built.  Now, web devs seem almost to be a dime a … Continue reading

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Twitter Needs “Handshakes”

i think twitter needs something more to promote interaction, something of a handshake.  like ok you’re at a party and there are always those who hover and just kinda take in the conversations, but usually after a handshake with people … Continue reading

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Obama ’08 iphone app

Just noticed there is an Obama ’08 iPhone app in the app store. Great way to extend to tech friendly voters Obama campaign. Best use of the app store that I’ve seen in a while.

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