“Ambassador? For what country?” — My Dad


What else do I say… I was chosen to be a Microsoft Student Ambassador for the 2005-2006 school year. I’d also like to congratulate Mike Seeber who, along with myself, was also was awarded the position for Grand Valley. It’s funny getting that news after working a 9 and a half hour shift at work. I’d like to thank Kevin, Tracy, and everyone else involved in the selection process. I’d also like to congratulate Kevin on the recent addition to his family. Also, i must thank Eric Maino. Hell– I don’t think i’d have half the inspiration and motivation if i hadn’t met the guy. If he’s not pointing out what i can do to fix my code, he’s certainly the one to get my brain going so i can think of what to code next.

I guess i’m anxious in a whole new way now. I’ve been toying with ideas of what i’d like to do for next year, but now that i know for sure that i’ve got the position, now i really want to bust my butt to make my ideas a reality. My main priority is improving the overall status and quality of the Grand Valley Computer Science and Information Systems Club (TechGV). I’m also looking forward to working with Mike Seeber, along with the other Michigan SA’s this year. Without letting any of the “cats out of the bag,” so to speak, I’m looking forward to this coming school year with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Alas, this is only one of the two things which i’ve been holding my breath for. I’m still waiting to hear back about a possible job at Custom Data Solutions. The past few weeks have been an off and on game of phone tag trying to find out the status of their interest in my as a potential employee. When i got home from work tonight, my brother gave me a message in his cryptic, left handed, etching

Micheal Nudi called. From Cust. Data Solutions. You call tomorrow.

So hopefully this will be good news. Hopefully i will actually get to talk to Mr. Nudi.

Now, i’ve got to go to bed, i’ve got Statistics at 7:20am!

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