Are UMPC’s Affordable? or The Vega UMPC and is it Right for Me?

Ok first off this needs to be read in the mindset that I’m a college student and I don’t have the type of money to just go out and pre-order a new EO right when it comes out, just hand over the $1000 and be fine. Considering I’ve got to pay for rent, utilities, cell phone and put gas in my car I need to spend my money sparingly. Now while i’ve said since March when the UMPC’s started coming out that i’d get one, I still haven’t. The main thing, honestly holding me back is the price.

Finally the mysterious UMPC Vega has been spotted, thanks to Steve over at Carrypad. 🙂
(FYI: CarryPad is a great site, do spend some time there! They’ve got great bits of UMPC/Origami information.)
So on to the new goodies:

  • AMD Geode LX800 processor
  • Widows XP HOME operating system
  • 256MB of memory
  • 30GB hard disk
  • 4.3 inch LCD
  • measures 160 X 80 X 27.5mm and weighs 480g
  • wi-fi antenna
  • connector for GPS antenna
  • USB to connect remote keyboard
  • DMD reception again using USB
  • available in September
  • Cost of 70 Million Won/about $700

So here’s where I ask, does this little bugger with what I will call sub par UMPC specs (This is biased I’ve never held nor used one of these ever, and based just on paper matchups) be able to withstand the breadth of function currently capable of a UMPC? If so is it worth my money which is looking to be substancially lower than current models. Only time will tell, and once again, I’m interested and want to know.

In other news, I didn’t win the UMPC photo competition, however the winners were rather good. I thought i’d post my picture. Link here.


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