Let’s start a UMPC Meme!

For those who aren’t too sure, I’m putting a link to the UMPC wikipedia page here.

Hugo, for the record you tagged me a few weeks back and since then have been thinking of a way to create a Meme related to the UMPC and finally have figured it out!

TOPIC: The Ideal UMPC Day – You’ve got one day, 24 hours, to do whatever, whereever with the UMPC model of your choice. Where do you go, and what do you do?

RULES: Tag 2 more people, and see where their ideal UMPC day takes them!

First use the Q1b to get a ticket for the earliest flight to Seattle from Grand Rapids. Use Microsoft Streets and Trips with the GPS module on my Q1b to head to trip to the airport where I hop on a flight to the Seattle/Tacoma airport, then to 1 Microsoft Way to meet up w/ the Origami team for a chat possibly lunch. Of course I would have been using the Q1 to watch movies or come up with ideas to chat with the UMPC team about while on the flight. Then, after lunch, once again plug into the GPS module to get directions to my buddy Eric‘s office, grab him and our other buddy from Bellevue before heading over to Puget Sound for an afternoon of crabbing. While on the dock surf the WIFI for the way to serve up the afternoons catch. Then after dinner I’d probably want to use the Q1 to blog about the adventure before heading out w/ friends to the W Hotel and Bar for a few drinks. Then after an exhausting day just relax a bit and read a few blogs on the Q1 with Google Reader before bed.

Steve Paine – Carrypad.com
Hugo Ortega – Ubertablet

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  2. James says:

    Great idea. Can we join in from the UK? I’m currently working up MIDBuyer – UMPC’s, ULCPC’s and PDA’s and I’d definitely be interested in a UMPC meme.

    P.S The wikipeda UMPC definition needs some work done on it: as it’s very MS centric and it’s lacking citations…oh, and the wording needs tidying up. Not much to do!!!. I’m going to work on it soon.

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