One down, two to go.

So I’ve been incredibly busy lately. Basically Vista on the UMPC makes me less efficient (I’m sticking too that!) So anyways I’ve had 3 websites on my plate lately. Two freelance jobs, and one of my own creation. Well one of these sites got finished tonight. Mine.

Welcome to ShareTheMoneyWithUs. It’s a blog about blogging. I figure I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now, I think I may know a thing or two. Hell, I’ve had both an informal and formal education when it comes to web development. I think it’s time I finally spread some of that knowledge in that head of mine. ShareTheMoneyWithUs will be starting from the ground up explaining what a blog is, how to pick your topic and niche, how to setup that site, and then grow it into something that is successful. I’m not officially starting the postings on it until Monday (2/19/07), but I thought I’d give my readers here a little insight on the upcoming topics to be covered:

  • Week 1: Starting A Blog
  • Week 2: Setting Up The Blog
  • Week 3: Spreading the word about your new Blog
  • Week 4: SEO, another scarey 3 letter acronym
  • Week 5: Monetization – Show me the money
  • Week 6: Show me the money (Part II)

I’ve put more than a little time and effort into this endeavor so I hope that everyone can get something out of this. This blog is for the readers. So if you see something you like, of even something you don’t, leave a comment! I’m not the only one with experience in this field so anyone’s input is welcome.

EDIT: I’ve got the ShareTheMoneyWith.Us feed setup, if you are interested update those feed readers

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2 Responses to One down, two to go.

  1. Ctitanic says:

    That’s gonna be interesting! I have been bloging and I have owned web sites for a while know even when I do not have a low traffic I never have make a good amount of money from that traffic. I read the other day about a guy that was making 10000 dollars per month using Google adsence and I could not believe it! I hope that with that blog you are going to teach me how to make 10000 per month from my blogs and site!

  2. Matt says:

    Frank, I’m planning on covering monetization of blogs. So hopefully I can give you a tip or two 🙂
    It’s good to know i’ll have a blogger such as yourself reading the new blog. I better not mess up!

    Keep up your great work!

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