The easy way to grow traffic to your site

This is so simple I’ve simply overlooked the concept for years.  Earlier today I was browsing and both are blogs which I used to read everyday trying to gain knowledge from them.  Being a web developer I decided the greatest value to myself and others was in web development.  It was at that point that it made sense to me that the easiest way to “make money online” was to use my knowledge of web design and development to help others and build sites rather than to take the route of trying to blog for money.

As time has passed I’ve realized that my skills lie in development and design and those skills are best to use sharing knowledge here, and also for a monetary gain selling those skills to others as well.  Now the thing i’ve finally taken away from these sites where the authors make crazy amounts of money from their blogs is a simple lesson and epiphany.  The easiest way to grow traffic, is to continually create new and unique content. Now it has been a few years since I first came across these “make money online” blogs, and just now I’m realizing why those individuals succeed.  They make money off of their traffic, and they keep and build their traffic by continually creating new content.

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