How I’ve Made Money Online

While in college I actually paid my rent from money earned online.  Now I wasn’t making tons of money, but it was enough for a college student to pay the bills.  The perquisite to my method is patience and usually a bit of web know how.  My method for paying the bills was flipping websites.  Flipping Websites is the purchasing of a website, modifying and further developing the site in some manner, and selling the site for a profit.

Ideally I’d like to provide tips to individuals who are interested in this, however when looking most of the content I found was very low quality.  Mostly just individuals trying to make a few bucks “teaching how to flip sites.”  Here is the process I used which worked well for me.  I’d flip a site over about 2-3 months.  Buy a promising blog, spend several days writing articles to post, and time-stamping the articles for the duration of the time I planned to own the site.  In addition I would work on making sure I had proper SEO plugins installed so that the site would do well in the eyes of the Google.  Normally after the period of several months a clear improvement could be seen in traffic and SEO rankings, at which time I would sell the site for a profit.

Actually I may need to purchase a site soon to develop a case study on flipping a site?

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