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The iphone web experience

It seems like web development paradigms should have shifted… Well they have kinda. Flash 10 is nearly out and we’ve got Chrime. Really I meant the iPhone browsing experience. The iPhone has been out over a year and for the … Continue reading

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How do you keep site/domain information organized?

I’ve got a question for my readers.  How do you keep your site/domain information organized, what sorts of things do you keep track of?  I’ve began thinking about how I organize my data the past few days because I’ve realized … Continue reading

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Affiliate for the Department of Redundancy Department?

Ok so I’ve realized in the past few weeks I’m caught in a bit of a cycle. So it’s not really a secret that I’m trying to proactively increase the amount of content this site provides in an attempt to … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things Only Experience Could Teach Me

Nothing can beat time and knowledge gained over time. – There is no quick methods. No end all be all eBook. Even if you are constantly on Digital Point Forums, no amount of knowledge comes to you over night. The … Continue reading

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