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The iphone web experience

Friday, September 19th, 2008

It seems like web development paradigms should have shifted… Well they have kinda. Flash 10 is nearly out and we’ve got Chrime.

Really I meant the iPhone browsing experience. The iPhone has been out over a year and for the largest part browsing the web on the iPhone is a hassle. With all this movement and noise about accessibilty what about building for mobility, and designing toward the edge not the lowest common denominator. Are we more interested in our readers who browse on iPhones or 15inch monitors?

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How do you keep site/domain information organized?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I’ve got a question for my readers.  How do you keep your site/domain information organized, what sorts of things do you keep track of?  I’ve began thinking about how I organize my data the past few days because I’ve realized that it’s all quite hectic.  I’ve got nothing really tieing stuff together.  I’ve got nearly 40 domains and I’m either looking at information on GoDaddy, stats on Site5 or stats on Adsense.  Also I’ve been looking and cannot seem to find a way to export AwStats information.

If I were to develop a piece of software to organize and keep track of this information, what do you think would be important to see?  What sorts of things should I add?


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Affiliate for the Department of Redundancy Department?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Ok so I’ve realized in the past few weeks I’m caught in a bit of a cycle. So it’s not really a secret that I’m trying to proactively increase the amount of content this site provides in an attempt to increase my draw for readers. That being said I’ve been trying to seek out CPM networks and other potential advertising avenues which would be of interest to my readers. Herein lies my issue. While trying to seek out more content to provide I’m asked to have a lower limit of visitors to my site before I can be considered for many networks.

No, I’m trying to GROW my traffic and interest in my site. By stating I’m currently at level X, I feel as if I’m actively handicapping myself when I’m actually trying to grow make improvements.

On a slightly different topic, I’m yet to hear from VCM regarding two contact emails I’d sent. I not have two sites that meet their criteria for getting into their network, however I cannot seem to get in contact with anyone from VCM regarding the situation. Alternatives anyone?

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Top 5 Things Only Experience Could Teach Me

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Nothing can beat time and knowledge gained over time. – There is no quick methods. No end all be all eBook. Even if you are constantly on Digital Point Forums, no amount of knowledge comes to you over night. The things I’ve learned which lead to my best successes are learned from trial and error. Oh and by adding your RSS feed to your user profile on digital point forums, that helps with traffic too 😉

Problogger networking enables you to stand out. – Darren had posted about making yourself stand out. By not only networking, but going to conferences, meeting people and interfacing on a face to face level does tons not only for your credibility but also makes you stand out. You aren’t just that one guy who always comments. (In my case, you’re that guy who had lunch with Darren Rowse at FOOA)

Adsense doesn’t mean much – Yeah it would be nice to earn a ton of money from a blog. Realistically that isn’t going to happen, and if t does it’s not overnight. Solid content, building your readerbase, and continually reaching out to readers is what helps you to excel. If you’re lucky maybe you can earn a few bucks on top of that… but that is if you’re lucky.

Selling a blog doesn’t mean content suffers – it only means the author can enable another online resource. I’ve learned this from a few people, Matt Coddington, sold NetBusinessBlog a while back. He’s still churning out content and by changing his direction without NBB, he can expand beyond “make money online.” Also my buddy Nomar, he used to be blogging over at, but as of recently he’s started things fresh over at Bottom line here, sometimes you need to let go, take your earnings, and realize you can start anew.

Making contacts helps bring in traffic – From ProBlogger to to Every time I’ve reached out and made a few friends I’ve found I usually two two things, backlinks and traffic. Networking helps not only with allowing people to share their experience, but also usually they share the links and traffic as well. What goes around comes around.

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