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Dot Net Nuke Complaint

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I just finished a short contract job working with Dot Net Nuke.  For the most part, the software is straight forward.  Fairly easy to setup and run… However, skinning is another issue.  I’m not going to say that it is difficult, however the fact that there are multiple levels of CSS files makes it complicated.  After about two weeks my task was completed and one issue seemed to be a rather glaring issue:  Documentation.

Documentation seems very much to be the issue.  the marjority of the time i’ve ever had issues with programming I’ve typed something similar to the issue into Google and gotten my answer.  Dot Net Nuke… Not even close.  Does nothing rank well for dot net nuke?  Even the documentation I could find was dated and vague.  DNN can be a valuable tool for web developers…. the documentation that seems to come with it, sparse at best.

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How do you keep site/domain information organized?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I’ve got a question for my readers.  How do you keep your site/domain information organized, what sorts of things do you keep track of?  I’ve began thinking about how I organize my data the past few days because I’ve realized that it’s all quite hectic.  I’ve got nothing really tieing stuff together.  I’ve got nearly 40 domains and I’m either looking at information on GoDaddy, stats on Site5 or stats on Adsense.  Also I’ve been looking and cannot seem to find a way to export AwStats information.

If I were to develop a piece of software to organize and keep track of this information, what do you think would be important to see?  What sorts of things should I add?


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All work, no play…

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

So I’ve actually been rather busy.  I’m currently help a friend finish up a project that needs to be done ASAP.  So I gave up my St. Patrick’s Day to sit in front of the computer and play developer monkey.  Hopefully I’ll have more news on the project soon.  But now, the dev machine is calling me back!

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Ruby and .NET play together?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I’ve been trying to do some research/learning of Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  After doing more than my fair share of command line coding I decided to start looking around for how to create a UI with Ruby so stuff I code is actually “pretty” for the user.

After about 10 minutes of Googling, I came across this link.  Who would have guessed Ruby and .NET play well together.  I guess I should look more into .NET 3.0 and XAML.  Hmm, more work to be done on spring break i guess.

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