Selling our wares like street vendors…

Scoble is asking if anyone has skills. Hugh wants to know where and when the next big idea will hit. I’m not in tune with the MMORPG crowd, but we might as well be vending our tech savvy skills on a virtual main street. Know CSS, can you make a wordpress template….? “Yeah. I can, but it’s easier for me to download one and modify it.”

I can’t help but wonder are our (collective our) blogging skills becoming something which are marketable and desired? The blogosphere is a shared space between intellectuals, politicians, technologists, billionaires, and the unemployed. We can rapidly share information spread ideas, and gain notoriety. It’s not like i’m the college kid sitting outside of some high rise in New York City wondering who is up in the top floor. The person up there could very well be interested in what I’m writing, and there is no social, or economic boundary separating us. I’m still of the mindset that many bloggers are just tech enthusiasts who like to document what they dabble in. Some do this professionally I know, but I would like to believe that many of us do it simply because we enjoy being creative, from the content to the design, it’s DIY.

Now I’ll chip away at my CSS files making them more to my liking, customizing my content. I could do it for someone else that is if they’d want to pay me. For now I’ll just keep doing it for me.

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  1. Kristine says:

    Trade? How would you like an image of a nice caracature sculpture where that mug is?

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